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Lemsip & Lemlift - All Lemsip (18)

Lemsip range includes Cold & Flu hot drinks, Max Cold & Flu hot drinks/capsules (including Day & Night cold and flu relief capsules), Max All in One capsules/hot drinks/liquid for cold & flu relief. Contains Paracetamol. Lemsip Cough range includes Cough for Chesty Cough solution, Cough for Mucus Cough & Catarrh liquid. Contains Guaifenesin. Cough for Dry Cough & Sore throat solution (Glycerol). Cough Max for Mucus cough & cold powder for oral solution/capsules, Cough Max for Chesty Cough & Cold powder for oral solution, for cough & cold relief. Contains Paracetamol. Always read the label

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